Thursday, February 5, 2015

Does your Nanny have a Physics Degree?

The next time you need and event planned make sure your Nanny has a Physics Degree or two.  Let's meet Sheryl Tolbert-Johnson. Sheryl not only has passion for what she does, she has a background in physics (2 degrees) and over a decade of experience in the technical side of design and analysis working for a major contractor in the DMV. She took the giant leap to start her own business in something that she  enjoyed “planning”. Her business is called Nanny’s 1st Event Planning and Consulting LLC  Lets meet Sheryl.

 What did your friends say when you told them about your dream? 

As far as sharing my dreams, I shared it with my family and friends and they supported me. They thought I was nuts when I changed my major from engineering to physics. Then I got pulled into many business pursuits as a Technical Director, it gave me insight into how the business was won, formal capture processes, and risk mitigation around solutions and implementation. I realized that I also had to take a leap into the business….and I just did it. Hence, I am VP of Sales.

Did you have any people who did not believe in you?


Describe a life-defining moment of change?

I have had several life-defining moments. But the one that is the biggest is the birth of my son. I was absolutely terrified of giving birth due to my parents avoiding “teenage pregnancy”. Well, when I did, the doctors discovered I have fibroid (tumors). Not knowing what would happen to me and even worse, what would happen to my child, through prayer and medical care, Benjamin is here. They told me that I shouldn't have gotten pregnant. So to have him here is a miracle and everything that I do today is for him.

Did you have moments of doubts about what you wanted to do, and how did you overcome it?

Of course. When I decided to move toward the business side of the industry I am in, it was a leap of faith. I put my faith in God and went for it.

What did you do to stay motivated through the process?

Prayed a lot

Did you ever get down on yourself because you felt like you were not making progress?

Of course

What advice would you give the person who is reading this blog and has been hesitant about granting themselves the permission to succeed?

Never give up on something you believe it. Understand that you are not perfect and may fail; however, pick yourself up and try it again. In the end, if it is meant to be, it will be.

Five years from now what’s your dream? Five years ago where did you want to be and are you closer or have you achieved your dream?

To be doing more in my field, and to put more energy into my business. I never thought I would be a VP. I believed five years ago for me, I thought I would have been the Technical Director of the sector of my previous employer. I just knew, I would stay on the technical side of the house.

What advice or motivation would you like to leave the readers about giving yourself permission to succeed?

Remember to keep God in your life and if you start something, finish it. 

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