Saturday, March 12, 2016

Networking is a Verb!

Let’s meet the queen of connectivity and opportunity creation.  She is the one of the DMV’s top networkers, encourager, as well as a business consultant. It comes easy to her, not complicated at all, but just in case it does get hard, she has a RACK of degrees and PhD’s to fall back on.  Meet Chantelle Teasdell. She is the owner of Millennium Business Advisors. MBA is an executive management consulting firm that provides business solutions, advice, and consultation through innovating business practices. Their success comes from the many successful partnerships, business development plans, resources and training opportunities that they  offer to their clients.

How much research did you do before you made your move?

A thorough and rigorous research was conducted prior to starting my business. Some of the things considered included researching the number of businesses already in operation, looking at the services provided by these businesses already in operation. Determining the gap and services provided and compare to the need to potential customers plus clients also identification of a niche that would separate me and my business from my competitor.

What did your friends say when you told them about your dream?

I did not share the dream of starting my own business to any of my friends. I only shared this dream with my husband, my mother and my aunt.

Did you have any people who did not believe in you?

I do not know, I probably did but I never got into any conversation about my business until it was fully in operation.

Describe a life-defining moment of change.

When I left, I went from working for someone else from  9 to 5+, with excessive overtime that were unpaid due to being salaried and changed to working for myself 24/7 with extensive flexibility and work and family balance. It is such a great feeling when you are putting the time and hours in day to day and at the end it is for you and the empire that you are building.

Did you have moments of doubts about what you wanted to do, and how did you overcome it?

No I did not have moments of doubt about what I wanted to do because I did a thorough and rigorous research before and  kept those notes and reviewed them on a daily basis to stay focused and on task.

What did you do to stay motivated through the process?

I put God first and stayed constantly in prayer. I prayed without ceasing and remained positive.

Did you ever get down on yourself because you felt like you were not making progress?

No, because of my strong faith and positive outlook on all that is involved in growing a business.

What advice would you give the person who is reading this blog and has been hesitant about granting themselves the permission to succeed?

Go for it! Be all that you can be. If you don’t get started and move forward you will never know your full potential. The best advice I can give you is to have a plan, a plan is your guide to success.

Five years from now what’s your dream? Five years ago where did you want to be and are you closer or have you achieved your dream?

Five years from now I want to have more clients and to expand my business internationally.  Five years ago I wanted to be a CEO for someone else’s company. I have changed my mind set and have definitely exceeded my dream, I am now working, building my own empire and not someone else’s empire.

What advice or motivation would you like to leave the readers about giving yourself permission to succeed?

Allow yourself to live, meaning - do what you have a passion for, live with purpose and live life to the fullest. Remember the sky is the limit.

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