Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's all a matter of Style and Art!

What is the best way to honor your Grandmother and Grandfather?  Well if you ask business owner/ Stylist   Lauren Olivia, she would tell you the best way SHE could honor her grandmother was to start business and name it after her.  Lauren started DollCirca1930 in August 2012.  Her Grandmother always admired her creative abilities and style. Doll was her grandmother’s nickname and 1930 was the year she was born.  After starting her DollCirca1930 line was started there was many request for a men’s line,  enter Johnee Lighting launched in February 2013 in honor of the love of his grandmothers life.    
Lets meet Lauren Olivia artist, stylist, creative genius, of  both fashion lines fashion that mix color, trends, and classic styles that would make her grandparents proud. 

How much research did you do before you made your move?
I did thorough research on current trends, timeless fashion lines, and certain demographics. I was able to find my niche with this research.
 What did your friends say when you told them about your dream?
My friends encouraged me to follow my dreams. I have always been the creative go-to person in our circle. So when I told them that I wanted to launch a mixed media jewelry, they fully supported my decision.
Did you have any people who did not believe in you?
Yes, I had extended family members who come from a traditional work background that didn’t necessary believe in my dream at first. With time and them actually witnessing my journey they have since had a change of mind and are extremely proud. I didn’t let their initial thoughts or opinions defer me from my dream.
Describe a life-defining moment of change?
In April 2013 I was laid off of my job. Though the job had excellent pay and benefits, I wasn’t happy. I had spent the past couple of years supporting and helping someone else with their dream. From that point forward I focused on my goals and dream, knowing that life is too short to be complacent.
Did you have moments of doubts about what you wanted to do, and how did you overcome it?
Of course I had and still have moments of doubt. With prayer and having a positive circle around me, I am able to keep my eyes on the prize.
What did you do to stay motivated through the process?
I stayed prayed up; understanding that just like with anything in life, this too is a journey. Through my strong faith, I am able to conquer anything. With God all things are possible, if it is in his will.
Did you ever get down on yourself because you felt like you were not making progress?
There has been times where a sale promotion or collection debut didn’t do as well as planned. When this occurs I don’t throw a pity party, I just re-strategize.
What advice would you give the person who is reading this blog and has been hesitant about granting themselves the permission to succeed?
Life is too short, to be anything but happy. Happiness and success comes when one fulfills their dreams. Don’t continue to sit on the sidelines and watch others’ dreams come to life. Tune out all the noise that is going on in the background, even if it’s your own negative thoughts. Just go for it, you’ll never know unless you try! 
Five years from now what’s your dream? Five years ago where did you want to be and are you closer or have you achieved your dream?
I believe in praying BOLD and dreaming BIG. I foresee a DollCirca1930/Johnee Lightning Takeover! I want both lines to be worn by many, and to be collaborating with clothing designers. Attending and vending at numerous events, as well as having a client list full of stylists. Also, five years from now, I want to have DollCirca1930/Johnee Lightning to be in many boutiques, including internationally.
What advice or motivation would you like to leave the readers about giving yourself permission to succeed?
Faith over fear, I had to let go of all doubts and fears. Failure only occurs when you don’t try.
Be sure to follow Lauren on her sites and check out her website. Awesome artwork. 




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