Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pundits are Cool. But what is a Pundit?

Wikipedia describes at Pundit as this:

A pundit is someone who offers to mass media his or her opinion or commentary on a particular subject area on which they are usually knowledgeable  The term has been increasingly applied to popular media personalities

Meet  Candace Reese. Candace is the founder & CEO, Envision Global Corporation and is a
Inspirational Speaker/Executive Coach.  She is also known as  The CEO Pundit™.  I follow her on Twitter and love her work. So, I wanted to know more about her, she agreed to be interview for my Permission to Succeed blog.  Read below and see how she gave herself the permission to succeed!

        How much research did you do before you made your move

I had been working in my fields of interest since college, but didn’t come to the realization of my true gifts until the burning desire to become an entrepreneur wouldn’t stop. Of course, I intensely studied and continue to study my crafts, because that is the only source of growth and operating in excellence.

  What did your friends say when you told them about your dream 

Until recently, I had very few individuals that I considered friends, so those who were in my circle were very supportive and some mentored me through the process.

       Did you have any people who did not believe in you

Of course—doesn’t everyone? However, that has always been even more motivation for me to succeed.
    Describe a life-defining moment of change.
My dear mother has always provided life-defining insight for me, but I had to evolve into a place of receiving it.  However, when I was coming out of a physically and emotionally abusive marriage, my current husband (who was my close friend since I was a teenager, and I never realized I would marry in the future) said to me, “I never saw you for everything you have gone through.  I always saw you for the person you’re going to be.”

That’s an amazing moment of having life spoken into your spirit—when someone sees all of your layers and still believes in you, more than you believe in yourself.
       Did you have moments of doubts about what you wanted to do, and how did you overcome it.

Absolutely.  I still question certain days whether I made the right decision, but each time I’ve tried to run away, I was immediately pulled back, because nothing else would work.  Therefore, even through my challenges, I must be operating in my purpose.

    What did you do to stay motivated through the process

I choose JOY.  With that genuine and authentic choice, I can accomplish anything, and I can inspire others, which is deeply intertwined into my purpose.
        Did you ever get down on yourself because you felt like you were not making progress

Yes.  But I know the plans my Source has for me.
       What advice would you give the person who is reading this blog and has been hesitant about granting themselves the permission to succeed?

Identify your purpose clearly. Step into a place of faith, not sight.  Prepare yourself—don’t get the light bulb above your head and go full speed ahead; add strategy to your plan. 

    Five years from now what’s your dream? Five years ago where did you want to be and are you closer or have you achieved your dream?

Five years ago—I can hardly remember, but I know that it was consistent with where I am now.  I wished for a loving marriage, happy sons and a thriving career.
Five years from now—My hope is to move out of the day to day operations and more into a mentoring role as chairman with my company, focus more on family, serving those in need, writing books, traveling the world, and enJOYing my peaceful space completely. 
.    What advice or motivation would you like to leave the readers about giving yourself permission to succeed?

Be bold.  Be confident.  Be unique.  Be grateful.  Choose JOY.

For further look at Candace and her business check out her links below and be sure to follow. She does follow back.. 

WAR EAGLE!!!     (that was for you Candace lol )

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